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Dead Sea Body Lotion: Varieties in Scents / Flavors

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Coming with thousands of benefits, a Dead Sea body lotions belongs to those cosmetic products that have hardly any side effect. Besides, you don’t need to limit your choice to any specific perfume or flavor.

You can pick from mango, coconut, vanilla, lavender, milk & honey and a few other. The good thing is each one of them comes with a different natural remedy as well.

Green Tea

Make yourself feel the difference with green tea flavored dead sea body lotion. Green tea is antioxidant by nature, yet replete with utter freshness and sweet smell.

Ingredients used to produce this very item involves vitamin E, shea butter, various types of oils (avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and herbs oil) along with dead sea minerals.

Even the process of making this lotion, a combination of moisturizers and conditioners, assure how it’s going to bring hydration to your skin. Since the pH level has a lot to do with maintaining the health of human skin, the green tea extract helps to keep the level stable.

Ideal for ensuring a smooth skin, this dead sea body lotion also comes in a lighter texture. Free of parabens, this lotion serves you fully authentic, meaning organic and therefore chemical free.

Meant to be used only externally, it’s the best usage is appreciated immediately after the shower.


Like the green tea variation, lavender is also known for hydrating your skin. Its incredible fragrance is what makes it a loveable item to many. However, its uniqueness is a much broader idea.

This mint categorized plant is used to healing effect in a natural way. Both organic and aroma enriched, this dead sea body lotion can also help you feel relaxed. Once you use the lotion, you can feel the difference. It’ll aid you in decreasing stress for a sound sleep every night.

Lavender oil comes handy for people suffering from stomach issues. Similarly, this lotion can give you relief from infections and inflammatory sensation. Its sweet smell is simply perfect for inducing a fresh feel inwardly.


Powered with antioxidant formula, the pomegranate flavored dead sea body lotion can support in solving massive health issues. Apart from boosting your beauty, it reduces the aging effect. While doing so, the primary function it completes is obstructing the evolution of free radicals that carry vandalizing effect on the skin.

Talking of the source – this lotion comes from pomegranate oil which is first needed to extract from pomegranate seeds. And if you don’t know, these seeds are good for serious heart disease and limiting the cholesterol effect. Scientists have also confirmed its advantages in dealing with the fertility concern.

Vanilla and Coconut

As the title indicates, this type of dead sea body lotion is made of vanilla extract and coconut oils. Therefore, the benefits of both components are all available in this lotion. Consequently, it helps your skin remain soft, supple and perfumed.

The very first time you begin to use it, your skin will begin to take a positively different turn. The way the ingredients work is astonishing. Vanilla, originally produced as a vine, is a vital element that is extensively used in the cosmetic and bakery industries.

The other ingredient, the coconut oil is best for retaining dampness to your skin. No dryness to create an irritating sensation, no faster pace in wrinkle growth nor does the aging effect appears. Like vanilla extract, coconut oil is also used in different fields. Apart from editable things, you’ll see it used in the medical industry as well.

This dead sea body lotion comes with a long-term expiration date, and the reason being the coconut oil’s high concentrations of saturated fat. Hence, you can keep on treating your skin with it for approximately 2 years.

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