Hair Mud Mask “OUT OF STOCK”

Hair Mud Mask “OUT OF STOCK”


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Rich with Natural Dead Sea Minerals
This mineral-rich Hair Mud Mask for all hair types contains Dead Sea Mud, Vitamins, and herbal extracts which Reduces scalp irritation, hair dandruff and nourishes and softens your hair.

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Hair and Scalp Mud Mask enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Salts to nourish scalp and hair. This mineral-rich Hair and Scalp Mud Mask contains Dead Sea Mud, Vitamins, and Herbal extracts which help in reducing the scalp irritation, dandruff and hair loss.


  • For all hair types
  • Reduces scalp irritation.
  • Softer hair.
  • Nourishes your scalp and hair.
  • Reduces hair dandruff.

Key ingredients:

  • Dead Sea Mud

Provides Relief for Scalp Disorder

Symptoms of scalp disorders can be controlled by using Dead Sea mud. Its rich mineral content accelerates natural exfoliation and restores your scalp’s pH balance. Dead Sea mud is not a permanent healer, but regular use of it can provide physical relief and keep your scalp disorder under control.

Prevents Hair Loss

Dead Sea mud masks can be helpful to prevent hair loss.

  • Dead Sea Water

With its high minerals concentration, Dead Sea water is considered source of beneficial health and beauty treatments. Minerals work together to improve the metabolic processes and ensure normal functions of the scalp to retain its glowing, healthy appearance and scalp’s natural pH.

  • Shea Butter

A powerful moisturizer nourishes and forms a protective film on the surface of the scalp and hair. It protects the scalp and hair from drying out.

  • Nettle Extract

Astringent, also gives shine and gloss to the hair.  Sebu- regulating properties and Anti-dandruff action.

  • Castor oil

It is a wonderful moisturizer. The high concentrated fatty acids penetrate the skin easily. This helps remove dryness and restores hydration of the scalp and hair.

  • Aloe Vera

Contains many vitamins and minerals and has moisturizing, soothing and repairing properties.

  • Panthenol (Pro – Vitamin B5)

Within the skin it is quickly metabolized to vitamin B5. It acts as a skin moisturizer to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy.

  • Wheat Germ Extract

It contains various antioxidants including vitamin E and octacosanol. It has emollient, humectant and antioxidant properties.

  • Olive Oil

Unrefined olive oil is full of inflammation-inhibiting antioxidants, which means it will help relieve scalp and hair conditions. But among those antioxidants is one called squalene, an antioxidant known for its skin health benefits. The antioxidants in olive oil help repair scalp and hair damage soothe and relieve itchy scalp and help rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent further moisture loss from occurring.

  • Sweet almond oil

With its moisturizing qualities is ideal for dry hair. Rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6, it effectively balances the moisture in dry and irritated scalp.

  • Vitamin E

Antioxidant, helps protect from free radical damage.

  • Garlic Extract

Garlic penetrates the hair and scalp, promoting the health of both.

Hair Health

Garlic helps to strengthen hair, protecting it from dryness, damage and breakage. Garlic also infuses hair with extra body, shine and smoothness, creating a fuller and healthier looks overall. In addition, garlic is also beneficial to the scalp, as it can help to relieve dry, itchy and flaky scalps.

Hair Loss

  • Garlic is also helpful in preventing hair loss. When applied to the scalp, garlic stimulates blood circulation, removes harmful toxins and rejuvenates the hair follicle, all of which helps to prevent or even stop hair loss.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your Doctor.
  • Store in a temperature not exceeding 30˚C.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


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