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Our Story

Welcome to Dead Sea Treasures’ global website.

Dead Sea Treasures is a leading Jordanian manufacturer of Dead Sea products. I founded it in 1995 as a pioneer business in the region based on more than 15 years of previous experience in manufacturing and producing 100% natural Dead Sea products.

As one of the first manufacturers of Dead Sea cosmetic products in the region, our company has now become a market leader in terms of technology and production capacity.

Dead Sea Treasures produces a wide range of natural products. We extract all our raw materials straight from the Dead Sea, and pack them carefully to preserve these precious elements. The production process is carried out by a group of administrators, technicians, chemical engineers and cosmetic experts who are committed to implementing high quality standards.

We take pride in our achievements to date and look forward to continuing our mission to develop and maintain standards of excellence. We cannot wait for you to truly discover the wonders of the Dead Sea from the comfort of your home.

Fayez Al-Qawasmi
Chairman & Founder of Dead Sea Treasures



The word Treasure is defined as (from Greek θησαυρός – thēsauros, meaning “treasure store”,[2] romanized as thesaurus) a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered.

Stemming from our belief that the Dead Sea is storing a vast amount of salts and minerals waiting to be tapped on, the name Dead Sea Treasures is meant to signify the value of elements we use in our products.

Our company is inspired by the wealth of cultural and natural heritage of the area, and 23 years ago, it began sharing them with the world through cosmetics and body care products.

Our Business

Because we realize the importance of research, we have collaborated with dermatology labs in Germany and cosmetic research groups in France to enhance our products by exchanging experience with international institutes. This has lead Dead Sea Treasures to become one of the pioneers in the field of applying Dead Sea mineral in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa region.

We continue to expand our knowledge by investing in research and development through specialized departments in our company. These departments do not only add a complexity to our company structure, but they also specialize in finding ways to make our products more suitable to target many skin concerns. As a result, we produce high quality, 100% natural cosmetic products for restoring and rejuvenating skin.

We are of the first factories in Jordan to receive the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification in 2008, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in 2014, and the ISO 9001 certification in 2018, as part of our dedication to maintaining excellence.

Accredited Certificates

In 2018, we also applied and won the ISO 9001 International Certificate


Producing high quality and pure natural organic products utilizing the Dead Sea remarkable minerals. Our products have their regenerating and inspiring properties that empower and nourish your skin. As well as, they have healing benefits and outstanding results to become lifestyle. The Dead Sea products regenerate beauty and vitality, so, with our products you can experience magic and fascination.


‘‘To be the ambassador of beauty and glamour worldwide by offering luxurious Dead Sea skincare products’’

Growth Strategy and Export Countries

Dead Sea Treasures products are currently exported to all countries around the world and through our chain of agents and distributors in more than 20 countries including the US, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We aim to expand our network or distributors in the near future.

Our Products

Dead Sea Treasures proudly produces 45 high quality and natural Dead Sea cosmetic products which fall under six product categories. All of our products are FDA & GMP certified, approved by Jordanian Food & Drug Association, and ISO 9001 (2018 ) certified. They are sold and exported worldwide. Our main products are:

1- Night Cream

2- Wrinkles Defying Cream

3- Facial Mud Mask

4- Facial Scrub

5- Day Cream Moisturizer

6- Brightening Cream

7- Eye Cream

8- Sunscreen Cream SPF 45+

9- Mineral Beauty Serum

10- Facial Cleansing Milk

11- Facial Toner

12- Eye Make-up Remover

13- Body Lotion

14- Intensive Body butter

15- Body Massage Oil

16- Massage Cream

17- Anti Cellulite Gel

18- Soft Mud

19- Foot Cream

20- Hand Cream

21- Hair Mud Mask

22- Mud Shampoo

23- Shampoo Anti-Dandruff

24- Hair Shampoo

25- Hair Balsam

26- Bath Bubbles

27- Shower Gel

28- Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt

29- Mud Soap

30- Salt Soap

31- Glycerin Soap

32- Sulfur Soap

33- Olive Oil Soap

34- Scrub Soap

35- Loofah Soap 180 gm (Lemon, Orange, Rose, Lavender)

36- Dead Sea Mineral Mud

37- After Shave Moisturizer

38- Foam Free Silk Shave for men

39- Genuine Dead Sea Water C7

40- Small Plastic Gift Bag

41- Medium Plastic Gift Bag

42- Large Plastic Gift Bag

44- Small Gift Box

45- Large Gift Box


CEO :Mr .Fayez Al Qawasmi


Digital Marketing Strategist : Mrs. Nour Al Qawasmi
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Factory Manager: Eng. Radi Awad
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Exports Manager: Mr. Naser Altartir
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Stores Manager: Mr. Milad Atalla
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Designing Department: Miss. Yara Fayez
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Accounting Manager: Mr. Shadi Mousa
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Research & Development Manager: Dr. Ghazi Abdelhafeth
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Art Director: Mr. Ahmad Hussein
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