• Dead Sea Treasures After Shave Moisturizer for all skin types soothes and replenishes your skin, corrects fine lines and provides effective anti-bacterial action for a fresh and smooth all-day feeling.

  •   Dead Sea Treasures Anti-Cellulite Gel for all skin types Made through advanced technology, combined with bio-active sustained released properties from Dead Sea Salt and Mineralized Water to promote lipolysis and decrease fat-cell coagulation ratio.
  •   Dead Sea Treasures Bath Bubbles for all skin types specially enriched with Dead Sea Mineral Skin Rejuvenator from Dead Sea Treasures. It gives your bathing a great deal of bubbles for fantastic relaxation.
  •   Dead Sea Treasures Body Butter is a pleasant creamy butter that gives lots of moisture and softens the skin. Intensive Body Butter fights signs of aging, while adding deep nourishment and protection.
  •   Designed to soothe and moisturize your skin daily. Enriched with herbal extracts and Dead Sea Minerals, this lotion nourishes and comforts the skin to deliver essential nutrients and to replenish lost moisture.
  •   Brightening Cream contains vitamins and natural oils that work together to fight the dark spots, uneven skin tone, to give you a great result of brightener and unified glowing skin.
  •   Dead Sea Treasures Day Cream moisturizer for all skin types is a pleasant cream, rich with powerful natural moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Sweet Almond oil, Wheat germ extract and Shea butter.
  •   Dead Sea Treasures Mineral Bath Salts for all skin types, Just powerful, mineral-rich 100% Natural Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts from the lowest place on Earth. These salts are quite different from ordinary sea salts. Helps for better skin-barrier, reduced roughness, improved skin hydration, and reduced skin redness Helps Athlete's Foot.
  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud

    Dead Sea Treasures Mineral Mud is mined from the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, this amazing natural black mud is a great treatment for skin and body problems.
  •   Dead Sea Treasures Eye Cream boosts collagen protection and has moisturizing action due to Dead Sea minerals, Vitamins, Collagen, Caffeine, Argan oil and Herbal extracts. Helps to visibly reduce puffiness around the eyes. Improves skin smoothness and texture.
  • Dead Sea Treasures Eye Make-up Remover for all skin types thoroughly removes traces of all types of eye make-up. It cleanses decisively without irritating, leaving the eye area feeling clean, refreshed and energized.