Skin Pigmentation Problem

Skin Pigmentation  Is One Of The Most Common Problems That Affect The Skin, Which Cause Embarrassment. Where These Pigmentation Develop Due To Friction, Resulting In The Accumulation Of Dead Skin Layers Thus Result In The Appearance Of Dark Patches, And In This Article We Will Address The Reasons For The Occurrence Of These Pigments And Methods Of Eliminating It.

possible causes of skin pigmentation problems:

  • It Could Be Genetic

Some Of Us Are Born With Freckles. Our Skin’s Melanin Clusters Are Clumped Closely Together Rather Than Evenly Spread Out, Causing These Gorgeous “Angel Kisses” On Our Skin. This Kind Of Skin Is Very Sensitive To UV Light And Prone To Sunburn, As Well As Skin Cancers, So Sun Protection Is Essential.

Some Of Us Are Also Born With Mole-Prone Skin – When Dark Clumps Of Pigment Tend To Form. As We Age, They Usually Become Raised And May Have A Hair Growing Out Of Them. Most Are Benign, But You Need To Watch Them In Case They Change Size, Color, Shape Or Outline. A Yearly Checkup By A Dermatologist Is Recommended.

  • Exposure To The Sun For Long Periods Of Time Without Any Protection Like Sunscreen, Where The Face Is Exposed To Skin Burns That Will Make Pigmentations Develop.

We May Get A Sprinkling Of Freckles On Our Skin After Exposure To The Sun, But They Fade In Winter. These Are The Body’s Effort To Protect Skin Cells From UV Damage.

Freckles May Become Permanent, However, And UV Damage May Not Become Visible Until We Get Older, When They Rise To The Surface As Spots On Our Hands, Cleavage, Face Etc. These Can Become Darker And Permanent Unless We Take Preventive And Corrective Measures.

  • Hormonal changes

Melasma Is The Catchall Term Given To Hormone-Induced Excess Pigmentation. It Can Be Caused By Hormonal Fluctuations, So It’s Quite Common When Taking Birth Control Hormones It Can Also Happen During Pregnancy, When It Is Called Pregnancy Mask, Butterfly Mask Or Chloasma;

  • Menopause, When The Menstrual Cycle Is Over For Women. And It’s Common After The Menopause, When The Sun Damage Of Your Youth Becomes Visible As Age Spots.
  • Aging For Men And Women Causes Disorders In The Secretion Of Melanin Responsible For Skin Color.

The Following Are The Four Types Of Pigmentations  And The Most Appropriate Treatment For Each Of Them To Enjoy a Flawless Skin.

  1. Melasma:

Melisma Causes Brown Patches Of Different Sizes And Most People Get It On The Cheeks, Forehead, Face, Nose And Lips. The Result Of A Hormonal Imbalance Causes The Accelerated Process Of Producing Melanin In The Skin, Leaving Patches Throughout The Face. The Most Susceptible To This Type Of Pigmentation Are Pregnant Women, Who Have Ups And Downs  In The Rate Of Hormones And Sometimes It Can Infect Those Who Are Stressed And Under Pressure.

This Type Of Melasma Is The Most Difficult When It Comes To Treatment, As Whitening Creams And Natural Mixtures Do Not Work. To Get Rid Of It, Visit A Dermatologist Who May Recommend Laser Treatment, Intensive Medical Peeling Or Other Treatment.

Caution: This Type Of Pigmentation Will Get Worse With Exposure To Sunlight, Do Not Ignore The Importance Of Sunscreen.

  1. Pigments Resulting From Exposure To Sunlight:

It Is A Small Black Or Brown Spots, Develop All Over The Face, Chest Area, Neck And Hands. The Main Cause Of Their Exposure Is Long-Term Exposure To Sunlight, Which Speeds Up The Process Of Producing Melanin Responsible For Skin Color Changing. Usually Appear In Women Over The Age Of 40, As The Skin Loses- In This Age- Its Ability To Treat Itself.

It Can Be Treated With Creams Rich In Retinol, , Or By Visiting A Dermatologist Who Can Describes A Specific, Effective And Fast Treatment. Is It Necessary To Remind You To Apply Sunscreen To Reduce The Aggravation Of This Problem?

  1. Pigmentations Resulting From Inflammation:

They Are Red, Pink, Or Brown Spots That Appear After Treating An Infections Caused By Pimples, Wounds, Or Certain Treatments, Such As Skin Laser . It Is Not Scarring But Just A Change In Skin Color. The More The Blister Is Inflamed, The Darker The Color And The More It Remains Visible. These Types Of Pigmentation Disappear Within Days Up to Weeks With Proper  Care. Do Not Exfoliate Your Skin Too Often And Do Not Apply Lots Of Make-Up, But Keep Your Face Clean And  Visit Your Dermatologist To Prescribe An Effective Treatment. You May Be Prescribe A Treatment Which Is Retinoids Based Or An Alpha Hydroxy Acids Treatment.

  1. Freckles:

They Are Small Spots Of Brown And Red, It Can Appear All Over The Face, Décolletage Area And Other Areas Of The Body. Some Women Suffer From Freckles Since Birth, While Others Note The Development Of This Problem At A Certain Age. It Is Known That Freckles Become Darker When Exposed To The Sun, So It Is Essential To First Protect Your Skin And Apply Sunscreen Regularly To Reduce The Aggravation Of The Problem.

There Are Many Treatments You Can Use, Including Whitening Creams And Those Rich In Retinoids, And You Can Undergo Skin Peeling Or Laser Treatment But Under The Supervision Of A Dermatologist





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