Pimples And Blackheads Problem

Pimples And Blackheads Are All Various Forms Of Acne That Can Affect The Face, Chest, Back, And Shoulders. Treating These Guys Can Be A Tedious Task That Requires Some Serious Dedication, But Once You’ve Devoted Yourself To Keeping Both Skin And Body Healthy, You’ll See Noticeable Results In Almost No Time.

Problems Could Be Various From Pain To Appearance

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads Are Small Bumps That Appear On Your Skin Due To Clogged Hair Follicles. These Bumps Are Called Blackheads Because The Surface Looks Dark Or Black. Blackheads Are A Mild Type Of Acne That Usually Form On The Face, But They Can Also Appear On The Body Parts.

What Causes Blackheads?

Blackheads Form When A Clog Or Plug Develops In The Opening Of Hair Follicles In Your Skin. Each Follicle Contains One Hair And A Sebaceous Gland That Produces Oil. This Oil, Called Sebum, Helps Keep Your Skin Soft. Dead Skin Cells And Oils Collect In The Opening To The Skin Follicle, Producing A Bump Called A “Comedo”. If The Skin Over The Bump Stays Closed, The Bump Is Called A Whitehead. When The Skin Over The Bump Opens, Exposure To The Air Causes It To Look Black, And A Blackhead Forms.

What Are Pimples?

Pimples Develop When Sebaceous Glands, Or Oil Glands, Become Clogged And Infected, Leading To Swollen, Red Lesions Filled With Pus.

Pimples Are A Part Of Acne. They Are Most Likely To Occur Around Puberty, But They Can Happen At Any Age.

What Causes Pimples?

During Puberty, Hormone Production Changes. This Can Cause The Sebaceous Glands, Located At The Base Of Hair Follicles, To Become Overactive. As A Result, Pimples Are Most Likely To Occur During The Teenage Years And Around Menstruation, For Women.

Pimples Most Often Affect The Face, Back, Chest, And Shoulders. This Is Because There Are Many Sebaceous Glands In These Areas Of Skin.

What’s The Difference Between Pimples And Blackheads?

Both Pimples And Blackheads Are Types Of Acne Blemishes.  But Each One Looks Differently On Your Skin, And Each Is Treated Differently Too. 

Pimples Are A Type Of Inflamed Blemish.  Pimples Are Red And Swollen.  They Often Hurt, But Not Always.

Some Pimples Stay Small, But Others Can Get Fairly Large.  Pimples Can Appear On The Face, Neck, Shoulders, And Upper Torso Area.

Pimples Have A Red Or White Head.

There Are Actually Different Types Of Pimples A Pimple With A Red Head, Or Just A Red Bump On The Skin, Is Called A Papule.

Your Pimple May Develop A White Or Yellow Pus-Filled Top.  If It Does, It’s Now Called A Pustule.  Not All Papules Turn Into Pustules, Though.

Pimples Biggest Problem: Pain All Throughout The Stages Of The Pimple’s Development & Hideous Appearance Which Both Lead To Lack Of Self-Confidence.

Blackheads Are A Type Of Non-Inflamed Blemish.  They Are Typically Flat, They Aren’t Red Or Swollen, And They Don’t Hurt.  In Fact, You Might Not Even Notice You Have A Blackhead Unless You’re Really Inspecting Your Skin In The Mirror.

You Can Get Blackheads In The Same Places Pimples Appear, But They’re Most Common On The Nose, Chin, Around The Lips, And In The Ears.

Blackheads Have A Dark Brown Or Black Head.

Blackheads Have A Dark Black Head, Hence The Name.  The Look Like A Dark Dot On The Skin.  Have A “Freckle” Appear That Has Never Been There Before?  Look Closely – It’s Probably A Blackhead.

Some Blackheads Are Super Tiny, So Small You Can Barely See Them.  Other Blackheads Can Get Quite Large, Several Millimeters In Diameter.

The Technical Name For A Blackhead Is “Open Comedo”.

Blackheads Biggest Problem: Pain Occurs Only In The Stage Of Extracting And Removing The Blackhead & Hideous Appearance Which Leads To Lack Of Self-Confidence







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