Skin Types and Skin Care

What Are Skin Types and How to Determine Your Skin Type

Today We Will Learn About The Most Common 5 Types Of Skin.

Normal Skin

Normal Skin Is The Ideal Skin. It Is Soft In Texture, Nice And Smooth. The Pores Of This Skin Are Narrow And Free From Impurities Such As Blackheads And Acne.


Dry Skin

This Type Produces Less Sebum than Normal Skin. As A Result Of The Lack Of Sebum, Dry Skin Lacks The Lipids That It Needs To Retain Moisture And Build A Protective Shield Against External Influences. Usually, Dry Skin Appears Flakey.


Oily Skin

Oily Skin Is Acne-Prone Skin With Open Pores, A Shiny Complexion, Blackheads, And Pimples. Oily Skin Produces Excessive Amount Of Sebum More Than The Normal Range Which Cause Excess Oil On The Face Produces A Persistently Shiny Or Greasy Appearance.


Combination Skin

Combination Skin Combines The Characteristics Of Oily Skin With Dry Skin At The Same Time, It Is Divided Into Two Halves, The First Half Is The Forehead, The Nose And The Chin Which Is Called The T Zone, While The Second Half Is The Sides Of Your Face Which  Tends To Be Dry. T Zone Are Sometimes Exposed To Some Pimples, Pills, Or Blackheads.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Is Usually Dry At All Times. Irritation And Hyper Pigmentation Can Occur Quit Often When Using Any Make-Up, Cosmetics, Cleaning Products Which Contains Perfumes And Any Preservatives.


Taking Care of Your Skin At Home

  • Cleaning the Skin with Water: Use Warm Water to Wash the Skin Daily, and Preferably Change Your Skin Care Routine From Time To Time.
  • Good Nutrition: Eat Lots Of Healthy Foods Such As Vegetables And Fruits, Try To Stay Away From Fast Food Which Is Very High In Saturated Fats And Do Not Forget To Drink Lots Of Water Every Day. Water Has A Magic Factor On Your Skin. It Keeps the Skin Completely Fresh and Dewy.
  • Take Special Care Of The Sensitive Areas Of The Face:
  • Avoid Rubbing The Area Around Your Eyes And Mouth. Since The Skin Around Our Eyes Is Ten Times Thinner Than The Skin On Our Face And Hence, More Sensitive. As Such, Extra Care Needs To Be Taken When Choosing A Skincare Product For This Area
  • Apply Sunscreen Generously Before Going Outdoors. It Takes Approximately 15 Minutes For Your Skin To Absorb The Sunscreen And Protect You.


Other Skin Care Tips:

  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized
  • Always Remove Your Make-Up Before Falling Asleep Using A Suitable Make Remover Or Soup
  • Exfoliate Once Or Twice A Week
  • Avoid Consuming Big Amount Of Sugar
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Avoid Bathing Or Washing Your Skin Using Hot Water
  • Eat Foods That Contain Omega-3
  • Always Moisturize Your Lips Using Lip Balm
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Quit Smoking
  • Wisely Choose The Appropriate Hair Removing Method
  • Eat Less Spicy, Salty, And Sour Foods
  • Do Not Pick On Your Acne
  • Finally, Consult Your Dermatologist If You Notice Any Changes To Your Skin

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