Benefits of mud for your hair

Mud shampoos and masks work to clean and strengthen the hair without damaging it. It also gives it a volume, supple and soft texture. Ladies and cosmetic experts use Mud of all kinds to treat multiple hair problems such as bruising, damage and scalp problems. There are several types of mud that can be placed on the hair as sea mud, and Mud extracted from the mountains; below we review the benefits of mud for hair and how to use it.

The benefits of Mud to the hair:

  • Gives the hair gloss and vitality; thanks to its containment of hair nutrients.
  • Cleans the hair from impurities without damaging it.
  • Increases hair volume and gives good intensity.
  • Softens the hair, the mud is an excellent recipe for curly hair women.
  • Treats off hair problems such as falling.
  • Dead Sea mud treats the problem of psoriasis on the head scalp.
  • Absorption of fat and regulating the secretion of sebaceous glands, and this property is found in The Dead Sea Mud

Using the Dead Sea Mud for your hair:

  • Gently moisten your hair with warm water.
  • Put generous quantity of the Dead Sea mud on your wet hair.
  • Rub your scalp with mud, this helps stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Spread the Mud completely on your hair with a suitable cover as a clean nylon piece.
  • Leave for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your hair well.
  • You can use this method twice a week or you can use the Dead Sea mud shampoo.


Using the Mud Shampoo:

The Mud shampoo, which comes in the form of Mud extracted from the mountains of Morocco and the Atlas Mountains, helps to give the hair a good gloss and size, especially dry hair, and it is used as per the following way:

  • Apply a quantity of shampoo on your hair and gently massage for a few minutes, as you do when washing with shampoo, then wash it thoroughly.
  • You can add aromatic ingredients to the shampoo, to revitalize your hair with its fine scent, such as almond oil or rose water.


  • When using mud on long hair, it is recommended to nutritious the tips of the hair with one of the nourishing creams, which can be advised by your beauty expert, so as to avoid dry hair.
  • The amount of Mud used depends on the size and length of your hair.
  • You can use some Mud if your hair is colored.

Other benefits of the mud:

  • Activates the body and the blood circulation, and helps restore salts.
  • Used in the treatment of some skin diseases.
  • Used as an effective skin mask, it treats scars, and it gives the skin a natural freshness.

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