Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask – Components And Why To Use?

Looking fresh with our natural appearance is not so easy these days. We mean lots of cosmetic brands are coming every day and the ingredients they contain are full of harmful chemicals. However, we never encourage you to compromise with the health of your skin and therefore, the dead sea facial mud mask is what we highly recommend getting an enchanting look throughout the year.


Lavender Essential Oil

Coming with a lot of advantages, the lavender essential oil is the prominent ingredient in this mask. It does cure wounds, relieves anxiety and stress, fights against anti-bacterial properties, treats acne, heals tensed muscles, reduces inflammatory sensation caused by some bug bite.

Chamomile Essential Oil

If your face has rashes or scar problem, opting for the dead sea facial mud mask will be a rewarding idea. Because the containing chamomile essential oil works as an organic antidote for skin issues like eczema and acne. It helps look your skin fresh and young, removing any sort of blemish. Overall, it’s a perfect refresher for toning up your dermis.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Soften your face skin with this oil. Your seasonal allergy will also be cured with it. Applying the dead sea facial mud mask, while you improve the skin quality, boosting the anti-aging constituents in your body is also possible. It relieves the muscles, takes care of sinus problem, reduces itchy sensation, protects against sunburn and what not!

Kaolin clay minerals

The Kaolin clay is known for providing you with a dirt-free skin. Polluted air and bacteria won’t be able to overcome your charm. Rather, it enhances your glow by deducting the dead skin cells and guess what? Without your knowing it literally, meaning that, no irritation or redness visibility on your skin.

Shea butter

Enriched in vitamins and high concentrated fatty acid, shea butter can do magic on your skin. Apart from softening your dermis, it can also heal any sort of inflammatory or burning spots on your face. Apply the dead sea facial mud mask on a regular basis to lighten the skin tones and diminishing the wrinkle effect.

Sunflower oil

Treat your acne with this antioxidant substance. It is good at rejuvenating the skin cells making them glow radiantly. Like the shea butter, it also contains fatty acid and vitamins (specifically vitamins A, C & D). In case, you don’t know, sunflower oil is replete with omega-6 acid that comes handy in making your skin gain new cells.

Aloe Vera Juice

Hydrate your face and cure acne with the dead sea facial mud mask that accommodates aloe Vera juice. It is very effective in decreasing various dermis issues, including psoriasis. For men, this aloe Vera can also become a life-saving property when they undergo a cut on face during shaving.

Jojoba oil

Diseases like rosacea and eczema can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know how to keep them in control. With the incredible support of jojoba oil, the dead sea facial mud mask is determined to ensure a calm and comfy skin. Its damage controlling quality is another boon you can’t ignore as well.

Hickory Bark Extract

If your face has got some large pores, chances are, you are in great despair thinking about their never-ending presence on your face. Well, no more! Grab the dead sea facial mud mask and you’ll know the difference. Because the hickory bark extract incorporated in the mud mask is way too powerful in keeping the pores small. Also, reduces aging effects from your face. Dealing with skin disorders like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis is another benefit you can opt for this item.

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