Dead Sea Hair Mud Mask – How to Use & Ingredients

While a lot of us see the dead sea mud as facial mud, the twist is you can use it on your hair and scalp as well. Curious to know how? And what makes them so good for your hair?

Here is a brief of how the Dead Sea Hair Mud Mask should be used and the benefits of ingredients contained in it –

How to Use

  • Rinse your hair with shampoo
  • Squeeze your lock to remove the water manually as much as possible
  • Make sure you keep the hair drenched in a certain amount
  • Then start applying the mud mask from root to the end in a massaging style
  • Once all your hair is covered, leave it for 3 minutes max.
  • Finally, wash it off thoroughly. For better result, you can use warm water.


Ingredients Used in the Dead Sea Hair Mud Mask


Unlike the detrimental chemicals contained in various hair products sold out there, the dead sea hair mud mask is free from such things and the primary content you can rely on for a healthy treatment is the obliphicha. It works great on split ends and mends them accordingly.

Sometimes we see the hair gradually losing its natural color. Such a problem can also be solved with this ingredient. And by applying the mud mask on a regular basis, you can hope to maintain soft and smooth hair throughout the entire year.

Aloe Vera

This very substance is multipurpose and therefore, can be a positive doer on your hair as well. Starting from the basics, it makes your hair look glossy and lustrous just like any hair conditioner would do. Besides, your scalp will get a comprehensive treatment if it’s undergoing a proteolytic enzyme issue. And as we know, this problem means visibility of dead skin cells in a wide range.

And by adopting this mud you can decrease this issue as effectively as possible. Dealing with dandruff as well as the itchy scalp is just another benefit aloe Vera offers by default. To get the best result out of the mask, apply it on your hair and scalp and rub it smoothly. Then let it dry and rinse with shampoo. As for the timing to use, 2 to 3 times each week would be an ideal option.

Shea Butter

Bring back your lost moisturizer on your mane through the dead sea hair mud mask. The included shea butter is what makes it possible. It’s determined to keep your hair quality up to the mark and makes it smooth and soft. People suffering from split ends or hair breakage will also find it a thing to cherish.

Shea butter is good for decreasing inflammation on the scalp. Also prevents the pores from getting clogged. Thankfully, owing to this component, this mud mask is ideal to be used on almost all sorts of hair without any possibility of negative reactions.


To nourish your hair and shine naturally, avocado can play a prominent role. And since the dead sea hair mud mask comes with the richness of avocado, benefits like repairing your locks from damage, better hair growth, inhibiting hair loss, boosting the hair’s health inducing vitamins and minerals, also saves your mane from the negative effect of free radicals.

Olive Oil & Honey

Strengthen your hair root and add to the moisturizer by the power of olive oil. Coupled with honey, this ingredient can turn into a booster of scalp health. Use the dead sea hair mud mask in a routine way and it is sure to eliminate the number of possible damages.

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