Wrinkles And Fine Lines

As We Age Daily Burdens And Pressures Increases, Your Skin Oil Production Decreases, Cell Regeneration Becomes Less And Thus The Skin Becomes Thin And It  Loses Its Ability To Retain Moisture And Leads To The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines, Which Are Lines That Starts Appearing On The Skin In Several Areas, The Area Between The Eyebrows And At The Corners Of The Eyes, So The Skin Needs More Attention Than Before To Remain Young And Fresh.

What Are Fine Lines And Wrinkles? How Do They Form?

Wrinkles And Fine Lines, Along With Gray Hair, Are Among The Most Obvious And Well Known (Not To Mention Feared!) Telltale Signs Of Aging. Wrinkles And Fine Lines, While They May Appear In Different Parts Of The Body, Usually Start Somewhere In The Eye Area As This Area Has Thin Skin, And Where A Lot Of Blood Vessels Are Gathered.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines Start To Form Due To Different Factors. One Of These Factors Is Skin Aging. When Skin Starts To Age, It Loses Volume And Collagen Areas That Used To Be Plumper Start To Sink, Which Then Becomes These Fine Lines (Which Then Turn Into Wrinkles). Apart From The Natural Causes, Habits, Like Squinting, Frowning, And Even Laughing, Do Contribute To The Formation Of Wrinkles. The Formation Of Wrinkles Is Also Attributed To Lack Of Hydration (Not Drinking Enough Water) And Not Getting Enough Sleep.

What Is The Difference Between Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Essentially, Wrinkles Start Out As Fine Lines. These Usually Start To Appear In The Face, Particularly In The Corners Of The Eyes, As It Is A Delicate Area Where The Skin Is Thin. Wrinkles, If Compared To Fine Lines, Are Actually Deeper Lines That Are Normally Found Around The Face And Other Parts Of The Body.

When The Skin Around The Eye Area Starts To Age, You Will Start To See Fine Lines At First. If Left Untreated, They Will Turn Into Wrinkles. It Is Important To Note Though, That When It Comes To Wrinkles, It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before They Start To Show Up On The Skin. Getting Facial Treatments, And Following A Good Night/Day Skin Care Routine No Matter How Mild Or Invasive, Can Only Really Slow Down The Process Of Aging.


Causes Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines:

There Are Several Factors And Causes Contribute To The Emergence Of Wrinkles, Including:

  • Genetics, If Both Parents Have Wrinkles And Fine Lines, This Will Increase The Chance Of The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines In Their Future Son.
  • Sun Damage, UV Rays Directly Exposed To The Skin Or When Tanning The Skin Leads To The Appearance Of Spots, Wrinkles And Fine Lines, Apart From The Development Of The Condition To Skin Cancer Due To Continuous Exposure To These Rays.
  • Lack Of Skin Care, Failure To Provide Necessary Care For The Skin Affects Them Negatively, Especially When You Age, The Skin Becomes Drier And Starts Peeling, Resulting In The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
  • Smoking, Is One Of The Most Destructive Causes Of Lung Damage, It Also Contributes To The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Fine Lines, And Signs Of Aging, In Addition To Being A Cause Of The Lack Of Immunity To The Body And Its Impact Is Unclear As A Carcinogen Of The Skin.
  • Repeated Facial Expressions. Facial Movements And Expressions, Such As Squinting Or Smiling, Lead To Fine Lines And Wrinkles. Each Time You Use A Facial Muscle, A Groove Forms Beneath The Surface Of The Skin. And As Skin Ages, It Loses Its Flexibility And Is No Longer Able To Spring Back In Place. These Grooves Then Become Permanent Features On Your Face.






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