Your Skin Is Dry: 5 Habits You Should Avoid

Dry Skin Is A Skin Types That Needs Constant Attention. In Case Of Neglecting It, Dry Skin Will Be Exposed To Many Problems Such As Peeling, Redness, And Pain.

Dry Skin Lacks Moisturizing  All Around The Year, And It Is Also Affected By Many External Factors Such As Pollution, Sunlight, And Dust. Therefore, You Should Pay Attention To Some Of Your Daily Habits That May Harm Your Skin’s Health And Exposing It To Damage.

Here Are 5 Habits You Should Avoid If You Have Dry Skin.

  1. Don’t Forget To Moisturize

If You Have Normal Or Oily Skin, It’s Probably Fine To Skip A Day Of Moisturizing Here And There. Not So If You’re Dry. If You Have Dry Skin, You Need To Break Out The Big Guns.

To Begin With, You’ll Probably Want To Consider Using Two Moisturizers. Use A Rich Moisturizer In The Evening After Washing Your Face, And A Lighter Moisturizer With SPF Of At Least 30 In The Morning Before Applying Makeup. Be Sure To Apply Moisturizer On Your Neck And Hands As Well.

You Can Also Amp Up The Hydration With Natural Oils On Top Of Your Evening Moisturizer. Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, And Jojoba Oil Are All Great For Dry Skin And Can Be Found Online Or In Health Food Stores (Just Be Sure To Avoid Buying Anything With Added Fragrance Or Any Added Ingredients).

  1. Avoid Applying Many Face Masks

If You Have Dry Skin, You Need To Be Very Choosy About Which Masks You Put On Your Face. Many Masks That Promise To Purify, Shrink Pores, And Remove Blackheads Are Extremely Drying. Instead, Look For Masks That Offer Hydration, Soothing, Or Added Moisture.

Also, If You Do Have A Few Spots On Your Chin Or Blackheads On Your Nose, Try Using That Face Mask That Is Not Too Harsh On The Rest Of Your Face.

      3. Avoid Taking Long, Hot Showers

Long, Hot Showers Might Save Your Sanity In The Winter, But They’re Definitely Not Helping Your Dry Skin. If You’re Taking A Hot Shower Every Day Then It’s Time To Make A Change.

Instead, Reduce The Length Of Your Showers (Ten Minutes Max) Or Slowly Lowering The Temperature Until You’ve Switched From Hot To Warm Showers. Avoid Washing Your Face In Very Hot Shower. You Can Also Apply Coconut Oil Or Vaseline Before A Shower To Help Keep Skin From Drying Out.

       4. Avoid Using Products With High Amounts Of Alcohol

A Small Amount Of Alcohol In Your Products Isn’t Always A Bad Thing, Contrary To Popular Opinion. Used Properly, Alcohol Can Help Increase A Product’s Efficacy. However, If A Product—Like A Toner—Has High Amounts Of Alcohol, It Is Very Likely That It Will Dry Out Your Skin. The Takeaway Here Is To Make Sure To Always Research The Ingredients Before Buying A New Product And Do A Patch Test First Whenever Possible To Be Sure It Doesn’t Dry You Out.

  1. Avoid Using Powder Or Matte Makeup

As A General Rule, You Should Try To Stick To Cream Or Liquid Makeup That Promises A Dewy Finish. Most Matte And Powder Makeup Will Only Emphasize Dry Skin And Can Easily Look Caked-On.

If Your Dry Skin Is Making It Difficult To Wear Makeup, Try A Routine Of Light Moisturizer, BB Cream Or Foundation With A Dewy Finish, And A Creamy Concealer. If Your T-Zone Gets Shiny, Use Blotting Papers Instead Of Layering Powder To Banish Oil Without Removing Your Makeup Or Drying Out Your Skin




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