Five important tips for her oily skin

The oily skin is of a greasy nature, featured by large pores that help in the growth of bacteria and fat secretion. Due to the high secretion of oils in it, there are frequent pimples and acne, and is difficult to keep make-up on. Women with oily skin suffer from fairness of the skin, which ends up to losing the skin’s freshness and vivacity. As a result women with this type of skin need to deal with it in cautious, so if you have an oily skin, we will show you several things that you need to avoid doing immediately:

All women with oily skin need to avoid doing the following things, as it aggravates skin problems and worsen the situation:

  • Avoid using cosmetics that contain a lot of oily ingredients, they negatively affects the oily skin and increases the secretion of oils.
  • Keep away from washing the oily skin excessively, because it will become dry, as this type of skin needs a moderate proportion of moisturizing and oils produced by the skin, so washing it excessively deprives it from being moisturized and from the oils which are considered healthy to be produced by the skin.
  • Wash your oily skin with warm or cold water, and keep away from using hot water, as it leads to the inflammation of the skin.
  • Use skin care products suitable for oily skin such as face wash, toner, serum, and day and night care cream. This also applies for cosmetics, although it is better to avoid as much as possible applying it on the skin, as it penetrates into the pores which will be absorbed by the skin, and eventually will increase the secretion of oils which leads to the emergence of blackheads and pimples.
  • Avoid as much as possible the tension and anxiety, they increase the secretion of oils in the skin, as the oily skin is the most affected skin types to these two factors.


Good points:

In spite of the many problems that oily skin faces, it is a type of skin that does not show wrinkles in an early age, especially facial wrinkles. In addition, it is a shiny, non-dry skin.

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