Hand moisturizing

The hands are the most vulnerable areas of the body exposed to bacteria, and sunlight during the day, which leads to significant changes such as drought and dark color, and therefore needs a lot of attention and care between from time to time, so you can use some of the products sold in pharmacies, but the use of natural products is safer. We will mention in this article some natural recipes that can be prepared at home to moisturize the hands.

Natural recipes for moisturizing the hands:

You may use one of the moisturizers to your hands, and then find out that it does not meet the purpose and does not help to moisturize your hands well, so we offer some natural recipes to moisturize the hands such as the following:

  • Starch and bicarbonate Soda: put a tablespoon of starch and a half of a fresh cucumber in a deep bowl, add a little amount of lemon juice to the mixture, mix well; for a solid paste, apply on the hands with massaging for five minutes, leave the dough on the hands for at least ten minutes, then add a few drops of sweet almond oil then apply it on your hand, it can be repeated once a day for a full month; to obtain the desired result.
  • Olive oil and lemon juice: Mix a tablespoon of olive oil, with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, put the mixture in a deep bowl, add a teaspoon of water, mix again, for full consistency, apply the product on the hands before going to sleep, leave it on for the whole night, wash your hands the next day; to get rid of the residue, repeat it daily for a whole week, to get the best results in a few days.
  • Vaseline and natural rose water: Put a tablespoon of Vaseline in a medium-sized bowl, add a tablespoon of rose water to it, mix well, add a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix all ingredients well together, and put the mixture on the hands while rubbing gently, leave it on not less than half an hour, then wash it with warm water and soap, preferably use this recipe before bedtime.
  • Honey and glycerin: This recipe is made by mixing two tablespoons of natural honey with two tablespoons of glycerol with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix well, apply the mixture on the hands while spreading it using the fingers, leave it on for only a third of an hour, and then wash it With water, and it is recommended to repeat this recipe three times a day.
  • Boiled potatoes: Place one large boiled potato in a bowl, squish it with the fork to become smooth, apply it on your hands, leave them for ten minutes, then wash them with soap and water well, repeating this recipe four times a day for an effective result.

Important tips to keep your hands healthy:

The most important tips to maintain the young appearance of your hands:

  • Continuous moisturizing: Moisturizing the hand is one of the most important factors to maintain youth and freshness. When the skin is dry all the time it is easy to get wrinkles. So, moisturize twice a day and use creams that are rich in glycerin, Shea butter or olive oil.
  • Sunscreen: The exposure of the hands to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, causing great damage to the skin, which makes them wrinkle easily. So, do not forget to put a little protective cream on your hands during your outings to protect them.
  • Use of household gloves: Dishwashing detergents are the most common products that cause roughness and damage to the hands, so before exposing your hands to chemical detergents, wear gloves during your household work.
  • Choose a soap rich in oils: choose a hand soap that contains a high percentage of moisturizers and natural oils and it is recommended that to use liquid soap.
  • Weekly Masks: Apply masks on weekly basis to nourish, moisturize and give the skin smoothness. We recommend that you squish a raw potato with a quarter cup of milk and soak your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes. You can massage your hands with natural oils such as coconut oil or almond oil after bathing.

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